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1865 Linden St. Historic Row House Condominiums For Sale

The Greater Ridgewood Restoration Corporation announces that the recently rebuilt 1865 Linden Street is now available for sale. The historic six-family former row house, built prior to World War 1 has been retrofitted to an up-to-date "green" building, containing 3 spacious 3 bedroom/2 bathroom condo apartments, with the latest environmental equipment, and energy efficient appliances.
Anti-Graffiti Program

        Greater Ridgewood Restoration Corporation (GRRC) is not a business but a non-profit organization that has worked since 1975 to stabilize and improve our neighborhood. Through our anti-graffiti building cleaning program begun on May 4, 1992, we have cleaned nearly 4,400 sites. The program is in operation from April through November.


Before Cleaning                After Cleaning

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GRRC removes graffiti from buildings with high-pressure water machines and caustic  chemicals or by painting it over.  Participants in the Anti-Graffiti program are asked to pay $75 for power washing or $25 for painting.  We can charge so little because alternative sentencing personnel from the Queens District Attorney's office supply labor and our vans were donated.  Insurance, maintenance, fuel (both diesel and gasoline), supplies, paint and other expenses must be covered by grants and donations.  Our crew, supervised by neighborhood crew chiefs and community volunteers, works five days a week from April through November, on properties where the owner has given us written permission. 

These fees apply to residential buildings. Large commercial buildings will be charged for the cost of the materials used to clean their buildings, with a minimum of $75 per day for washing and $25 per day for painting, and a maximum of $200 for either washing or painting. There is no labor cost, since the graffiti is removed or painted over by personnel from the Alternative Sentencing Program of the Queens District Attorney, supervised by our crew chiefs and neighborhood volunteers. Building owners are asked to sign a waiver and to pay the charge of $75 a day to help defray some of the costs. We also ask for a voluntary donation. You might be reluctant to clean your building because you feel graffiti will quickly reappear. However, once you have paid the nominal charge, notify us as soon as graffiti reappears and GRRC will remove new graffiti up to three times a year at no extra charge. If we clean more than three times in a year, or if the new graffiti is very large, we will charge another $75 to wash it off. If we repaint more than three times, we will ask for another $25.  



Residential Owners:

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Commercial Business:

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Program funded by Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, NYS Senators Serphin Maltese & George Onorato, Assembly Members Catherine Nolan, Andrew Hevesi, Margaret Markey & Anthony Seminerio, and NYC Council Members Dennis Gallagher & Diana Reyna, and contributions from the community.


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